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MAY 13, 2009
How've you been? I've been busy with potty training (I thought it was about time), visiting the Jurassic Coast, learning tree names and identifying cloud combinations- it's my fatherly duty to start knowing these things. Plus getting my head round a bit of Kant (settle down at the back, I'm talking epistemology) and building a vegetable patch. But you're here for the drawings, right?


After last time's decorative excursions, I'm back to what Matt Curtius called the Big Metaphor.

The pile of books piece is a cover for the Guardian Review on the decline of serious non-fiction (a nice mood piece rather than heavy symbolism referencing an observation in the copy about the Manhattan-ite habit of leaving one's book collection when moving apartment).

The safari snow-globe one is for the Boston Globe on indigenous people- the people most in tune with, and best qualified to manage their environment being displaced by the creation of protected national park areas.
And here's another Guardian (Money section) cover on the subject of tarting up one's home to lure hordes of prospective buyers. This one tips its hat (ahem) to Alfred Leete's famous 'The Lure of the Underground' poster (below) which hung on my wall for a few years when I was a lad.

Guardian Review roughs
Globe roughs
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