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JULY 13, 2009
Both for For SJB at Plansponsor
Hello! in the hope of making my rather constipated style a little freer, I'm currently breaking in lots of vintage dip pens (well, spending lots of time on Ebay lurking around Victorian nib auctions at any rate). I'll let you know how that goes- it may well be that my current, ponderous way of working is a perfect fit with my rather tightly wound personality and any moves towards sponteneity are doomed. Meantime here are a few recent editorial pieces (very much in my usual vein).

For Andy Pemberton at Secure Computing
Businessweek- ads on PDAs
Businessweek again- Positive social networking
1000000 Tiny Plays about Work for People Management Magazine
The last of these images is from a regular job I've shown a few examples of before. Rather than splurge 18 months of illos in this one post, I've put a gallery of these images in the toolbar to the right (a guaranteed way to lose a regular gig?). They're to accompany tragi-comic dialogues by author Craig Taylor. A nice opportunity to do character pieces.