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SILA 49-Dellas Graphics "The Death of Frogs 2" wins Patrick Nagel award for excellence

MARCH 14, 2011
No resting on the laurals but sometimes its nice to sit back and look at a selection of pieces that get into a show. This was such a diverse group, I just thought it would be good to post as a sort of review of my work over the past year. I have been enjoying experimenting with different styles.. with some limited success as far as medals, but personally very rewarding.
I was surprised and delighted today to open up the box from SI West and find, along with all of the certificates a couple of nice awards. A Bronze medal for the Illustration of the little guy with the hammer (Wrong Headed) I did for SooJin Buzelli.. and the Patrick Nagel award for excellence for the Dellas Graphics, (Death of Frogs 2) I did for Jim Burke...
Plan Sponsor, © Bill Mayer 2010

The Bad Egg © Bill Mayer 2010

Evenflo "Sad Cow" Saachi and Saachi © Bill Mayer 2011

Simon and Schuester. Hide and Sheep. © Bill Mayer 2010

Piaui Magazine, © Bill Mayer 2010

"The Rotten Earth" Unpublished © Bill Mayer 2010

Piauí Magazine © Bill Mayer 2010

"Death of Frogs #1" © Bill Mayer 2010

Hartford Stage, "A Christmas Carol" © Bill Mayer 2010

Hide and Sheep, Simon and Schuester © Bill Mayer 2010

Mother Jones © Bill Mayer 2010

Harper Collins © Bill Mayer 2010

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