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The Dead Mimes

MAY 20, 2011
"Theodore struck by a piece of log,"© Bill Mayer 2011

I was recently on my old website and ran across this little series of drawings I had done some time ago. I had beed playing around with putting together some more little mock-ups last week for meetings with publishers. wednesday I wrote a little copy to go with them, and comped it up. I thought it turned out pretty funny. I edited the mimes down to half the number, probably needs to be edited and cut down again, but thought I would share it. Thought about using that little name we came up with for the bad egg... Edgar Oddskin.... liking it a little more.. Enjoy.
Read "The Dead Mimes" Here !
Cover art. © Bill Mayer 2011

The Dead Mimes started out as a series of little thumbnail drawings for a good friend Rick Anwyl, who at the time had asked me to draw a harlequin clown for an Art Festival in Atlanta. I think he could not have imagined what would pour out of my little brain. We had just been silently been assaulted by mimes on the steps of the Metropolitan. The rest is a very disturbing cry for help and a long extended stay in a mental asylum.
The Dead Mimes © Bill Mayer 2011

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