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Plansponsor; Too Big to Care

DECEMBER 17, 2013
This article was about how large funds don't have the same risks as small funds. I started out all over the place with ideas, not sure where they were all going. Sent them off but before I heard back I had already thought the concept was so obvious. An image where the prey seemed unconcerned about the predator. I was really thinking a wolf-vs-rabbit kind of thing. The hunter and hunted was a second thought, I liked the small defenceless prey but SooJIn said she just couldn't see representing these large companies as some mouse or bunny. She said "How about a lion." I guess I was still stuck on the small defenceless thing so I persisted with a tighter sketch of a quail vs hunter.... She didn't respond.....  I sent the sketch of the lion. She said "Thank you."  SooJin always knows best, she's just so damn intuative...
Sketches of the "Prey" idea...Rabbit vs Wolf...Cat vs Mouse....
Quail vs Hunter. SooJin said make the hunter much smaller....
The final was more difficult than I had thought it would be. Just couldn't seem to make it work the way I wanted.  Maybe it was the shape of the lion. I guess I had been stuck on a simple shape like an Elephant or even the Quail or Turkey... The shape was just a little awkward to me. I made the hunters small but stuck them on the back of elephants. I know they don't hunt Lions on the backs of Elephants... Lee and I went around and around about this. They probably run around in a Range Rover, and probably shoot while sipping tea in the back seat... I still liked it that way. I was being stubborn again.
I got it to a point where it seemed like it was working and shot a screen capture off to SooJin to get feed back. She liked it, didn't have any suggestions. I added some trees under the lion and a few birds in the distance. I think they helped a bit. 
Details of the hunter on the back of an Elephant
Detail of the trees I added after the screen shot I sent SooJin.
Big thanks to SooJin Buzelli and Asset International for trusting me again and not giving up on me, Always a joy working with you. 
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