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A New Little Gouache Painting

JUNE 2, 2016
It's a sad day America... © Bill Mayer 2016
 A couple weeks ago Lee picked up the grandkids from school. Both Zak (10)and Dash (7)were  quiet in the back seat and the youngest one Dash was really sad. She asked them what was bothering them and the youngest one said ," Is it true that if Trump is elected that Zak and I will have to go back to Africa?" Lee was so shocked and of course reassured them that it was not true.This was the sound bites they were taking away from the bits of news and conversations they had been hearing. I of course joked " Oh no honey only the Mexicans will need to leave...." 
Mihn, at the Times had called me about doing and illustration about  " Trump ,The first hundred days." But I was climbing with the siblings and missed his call. by the time I called him back two hours later, he'd already called someone else. I had woken up that morning with this image of Trump as a clown in my head. Sort of a metaphor for the whole election this year. I decided to do the illustration anyway, even though Mihn had gone in another direction.
 We just got back from opening up the cottage in Canada. I can't tell you how many of our friends in Canada are a little freaked out with what is going on in our election. They just can't believe that we may end up with Trump as president and it was a little hard to explain for us since none of us understand it either.  I have been watching all of the fun Brodner has been having with this insane cast of characters and just couldn't"t stay out of it any longer. It felt good to take a break from other work and do this one. He so deserves it.
The amazing Zak and Dash