New eeBoo Pre-school games September 10 Westchester magazine spots October 28 A few spots fresh out of the oven... created for the lovely Aiko Masazumi at Westchester Magazine. The article... Nick Jr. Maze April 3 I just finished a spread for Nick Jr. Magazine. A wonderful experience all around. Thanks Paul Tutrone for the fun job! SnailWhale March 4 Have a lovely Valentine's February 13 a little promo I cooked up... I tried. I failed. February 2 I had some free time, so I thought I'd take a crack at the second annual New Yorker, Eustace Tilley Contest. There... a return to my roots December 8 When I first began my journey as an illustrator, I did so brandishing an exacto and essdee scraperboard. My first... Lunch Money CD November 18 I just completed what will be my favorite job of 08. Sorry library mural. You've been usurped. Lunch Money was so... show yer turkeys! November 10 Thanksgiving is coming up. Show off your turkeys. Here's a few of mine-- [edit] submit your turkeys to the drawger... summer stuff September 10 Hello Drawgers. Here's a selection of what's kept me busy this summer. I don't know about you but, I'm ready for the... Library Mural June 18 Last summer, my wife and I took our then 3-year-old to The Tricycle Music Fest here in Charlotte. It's now become an... no fuzzy animals! June 2 Just finished this magazine cover illustration... and guess what? Narry a one fuzzy mammal in sight! While I love the... A couple more... April 23 Here's a few more illustrations from the previous train post. I'm so glad to be finished. I pulled an all-nighter last... Attention! Do Not Buy This Book- April 18 Darren Di Lieto, LCS (Little Chimp Society) Senior Editor and proprietor, has been plagiarized. A book has been... Toot toot! April 11 Here's a spread for a board book I'm working on. new game cover April 4 Here's a new game cover I just created for eeBoo. While I love the work... I'm starting to feel stagnant. Do you ever... Something new... February 19 been a while December 7 It's been a while since I've shared anything with my drawger brothers and sisters... I hope you are all well! new eeBoo game September 4 Here's a game I just illustrated for eeBoo. I illustrated the box and 36 game pieces. It was a wonderful job to work... new summer stuff August 9 Hi everyone. I've not posted anything in ages and thought I'd just share some of what I've been working on. Thankfully,... eeBoo farm animal lacing cards May 25 I've not posted in a while. I've been very busy which is a good thing but exhausting. It's difficult to juggle my... eeBoo time telling game May 26 Here's another job I did for eeBoo. A game that teaches kids how to tell time. I asked them- Why not just give the kid... The Amazing Siamese Rock and Roll Twins April 19 This is my contribution to Ballyhoo: The SideShow Show @ Bear and Bird Gallery in Lauderhill FL. 4-Color Gocco... Tot Tower March 28 Several months ago my wife and I were shopping in a neat little children's store here in Charlotte. They carry a nice... Extra! Extra! March 23 I am now cool on both the east and west coasts... Thanks Portland Mercury!This was originally available as a print on... Book of Dreams March 20 I was invited to contribute to Roger Omar's Book of Dreams project.In 2002 Roger started gathering kid's dreams from... Happy St. Paddy! March 17 Thought I'd share this oldy. Have a fun green day everyone! little school book job March 8 According to this illustration's poem, it's not a good idea to make lemonade with limes, brown sugar, and sparkling... Nick Magazine spots February 28 First Highlights and now Nick Magazine... things are looking up for ol' Brandon! valentines February 13 I was planning on making a small booklet of illustrations and poems to send out to ADs for valentine's day but got too... follow the leader February 9 I just finished this piece for Highlights magazine. It's my first real national magazine... so I'm pretty... watch that first step... January 4 leap December 13 Just wanted to share this image I completed a few moments ago. I actually assigned this to myself from the kid's... gingerbread man takes a soak December 5 feeling festive, so I cranked out another Christmas image. zen santa December 5 Thought I'd design the family Christmas card this year... dueling banjos November 9 Ready for the Friday night fisticuffs? Only 5¢ a seat!Dip, jab, juke, a bluff! Who will win and who gets beat? halloween postcard October 31 Look! I found this vintage postcard from the early 1900's. I had always assumed that printing capabilities were... Candy Corn and Sweet Tooth 2.0 October 18 After I uploaded the first Candy Corn and Tooth Image last night, I had a gnawing pain in my gut telling me I could... Happy Fall! October 11 I don't know about you, but I'm sure glad scarf weather is here. Monkey trike October 7 I've noticed a surge in the monkey population... This little fellow wanted to join in on the fun. Far be it from me to... Mary and that lamb October 6 Just finished this magazine illustration and thought I'd share it. This is actually for the magazine that I design.... thank you kindly! October 5 I feel privileged to be part of such a talented group of people. Thanks for having me!...and thanks Jim for the invite...
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