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Clayton Brothers Collaboration

JULY 17, 2010
Wednesday afternoon I was able to visit the Clayton Brothers studio, part of a small group from ICON 6, including Edel Rodriguez, Cathy Bleck and Ann Field. 
It was an incredibly inspiring visit, Rob and Christian took the time to explain their work process, answer the obvious questions about their relationship to each other and their work. The studio was filled with small studies and larger works.
The studio is a sparse but open and organized space, with moveable walls for an expandable working area. The walls were covered with work varying from  sketch to  large finished pieces.

Rob and Christian were good enough to give us wine, beer & snacks (thanks guys, cold beer on a hot day goes a long way!) . We were guided through the works on the walls, the processes involved in creating their gallery work, how they relate to each other and work progressively towards finished pieces. Collaboration lies at the heart of what and how everything gets done.

As a group we were invited to get involved. Rob and Christian had prepared 20 color sketches, rough outlines as starting points. The challenge was for each of us to contribute to each image, to collaborate and create 20 finished pieces. Take one, work on it, pass it on  to the next person. When the pieces were finished we all signed the back of each of them.

There was a flurry of flying paint, pastel, ink and pencils. Here are some of the finished pieces. I love them all.

I’d like to thank ICON for organizing this, and of course the Christian and Rob for being  such great hosts. My mind has been expanded in new & unexpected ways.

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