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Birds: Then and Now December 23 Birds have always intrigued me, and I'm happy to use them as a metaphor now and then. These images were commissioned in... A Prayer December 4 I've had occasions to illustrate commentaries, naratives, lessons and poetry, but never a prayer until now. The image... PIRATES November 25 Pirates no longer resemble the iconic characters of Treasure Island, but  the danger still exists for any ships... Barkart April 11 Inspired by a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens Orchid show, and Julie's amazing photos, I began drawing orchids... Looking back, through broken glasses. September 11 Four years ago, I worked through my grief by drawing. This was the first of what became 32 consecutive drawings before... Recent quickies... August 21 I'd like to post some long term projects I'm working on, but will have to wait. In the meantime...some ditties. The... Midsummer's Influence July 28 I find that whatever activities I'm engaged in at the moment tend to work their way into the images I create.... Micro Spots June 19 These mini illos appear in the current issue of Newsweek. They illustrate a lengthy article on coping with Alzheimers... Applying Abstract Textures to the Human Form March 18 Using the abstract piece from the earlier post, I began experimenting with what might happen if it were applied to the... When not creating art on demand March 17 I try to remain disciplined about using my "down time" constructively. Here is one in a series of... Why I love Watercolor March 12 Appearingin in today's WSJ, I decided to render this piece (about extremists aquiring more media coverage than ever) in... It's Showtime...Opening Night March 2 Thoroughly Modern Millie began it's run last night, with my daughter in the role of Millie. It played to a sold out... Punch the cop, Judy the judge February 23 Just don't get stopped for a traffic violation in L.A. as this image illustrates. This cover art was for the LATimes on... My Rube Goldberg February 20 I always strive for a fresh image and generally avoid the obvious, which I guess is why I never used the Rube Goldberg... It's Showtime (Part 1) February 20 There's been little time to blog lately because the backdrop time of year has rolled around again. My daughter is the... Still in Theater Mode January 6 This job about intellectual property and the performing arts, landed in a timely way, since lately I've had occasion to... Millie December 29 Today, I juggled gratis work with my deadlines. This is the poster art for my daugher's high school play. She is the... Disney December 15 Disney; either you love his legacy, or you hate it. Tom Trapnell (LATimes) let me rip with this one. I was afraid the... Turning Point December 16 Mostly, I think of good art direction as deference...to me, of course. But a really good art director can locate the... Man-O-War December 14 I've been shackled to the drawing board this last week, finishing this piece for the upcoming "Sequential... Africa's suffering November 13 "Let no good idea go unused". Some time ago, I was asked by Edel at TIME to create an image for the back... It's CHA-CHA time.... October 18 The campaigns are heating up and so we must watch the dance of empty promises, manipulation, greed, and malice. So if I... When things get HAIRY September 27 Confession: I love quick turnovers....for me it's the ultimate challenge. To solve an assignment conceptually, sketches... Another rush job bull September 21 Assignment: A good economy powered by companies using symbols and slogans. Well, I just had to have some fun with this.... What was he thinking? September 19 Today's illo, on the Pope's unfortunate comments. I wanted an austere image, to emphasize how polarizing religion can... A blast from Halloween past... September 19 Time warp....this is an early job that brought a good deal of attention (1982 - checkitout!). I was repped by a legend... An Odd illo.... September 6 This piece illustrates the recently released 911 phone calls. There was no story at the point of assignment, just an... Weekend quickies... August 14 Work used to be a little more predictable. Now I'm doing quick turnarounds on weekends and at night. and I've become... Bookends.... May 25 A couple of years ago I did a cover piece for the WSJ that must have made a lasting impression cause they seem to think... Comix May 23 One of a series of ongoing comics. No publisher yet. i think only Drawger Zimm has seen any of these. Would love all... Historical Humor... May 19 Today's illo on two explorers that fought over discovering Lake Victoria (source of the Nile), in Africa. today's illos... May 11 Just finished this limited color piece on North Korean women kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. This and the Oz art... It's a wrap! May 4 As promised, the end result. Sketches..... May 3 For me, sometimes the challenge of the final art is to capture the kind of vigorous energy of the 3 minute initial... Plight (or flight) of the artist... April 27 Just finished this, my third deadline for today. Am truly spent, but thought I'd throw this up before I go rehab in the... Anti - War Sculptures April 21 My three anti war sculptures are displayed together in the lobby of the Skillman at Lafayette College. The close up is... Fave quickie of the week March 31 This one on the remarks made by an Iranian leader, invoking the (last) helicopter as a symbol for America's failures at... Sculpture Finished March 23 I got an education in the do's & don't's of bonding glass on this one. In the end these fellows are permanent fixtures.... Life Drawing March 19 If your lucky, there is a college nearby that has open door life drawing one night a week. I do it once in awhile and... New sculpture piece March 18 Am assembling all the many finished parts to my most recent sculpture, "Six Horsemen of the Apocalypse", all in glass... Digital vs. Film March 13 Today's job - an illo for an interestin article on the pros and cons of abandoning film for digital photography. Photo... Loof Lion March 9 The carousel lion I restored as relates to the article below. Today's Rejected sketch February 28 *!*@!**#@!.....and that's all I have to say at the moment.
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