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IRAN June 20 God is Black January 24 The title for this essay "God is Black" is about all I had to go on at the TIME, as it was not yet written.... Goodbye Mr. Bush January 2 It was good to receive an assignment from TIME outlining the many crimes of the outgoing administration. I could not... A Coney Economy December 11 I was thinking Coney Island when I proposed a theme for a series of illustrations running in the Wall Street Journal.... Futility December 5 Is anyone else having trouble getting their head around the constant talk of billions of dollars? And just when you... PIRATES November 25 Pirates no longer resemble the iconic characters of Treasure Island, but  the danger still exists for any ships... Autumn Falls Away November 18 The Leaves are on the ground in Eastern Pennsylvania as we begin to turn our thoughts to Winter and our interiors. To... Donkeys and Elephants and Bulls and Bears, Oh My! November 14 Current Events October 24 Not surprisingly, the majority of my work these days is divided between the election and the economy. Here are some... A Day for Reflection January 21 Martin Luther King Day. Time to reflect upon concepts we hope can one day be realized....peace through courage, and... Anti War Art January 7 At this point in time, all I have is this poor repro of my contribution to the Artist's against the War show. For a... Looking back, through broken glasses. September 11 Four years ago, I worked through my grief by drawing. This was the first of what became 32 consecutive drawings before... A Picture Perfect Day July 16 A gathering of Drawgers and Inxsters took place on my turf this past Saturday under blue skies and perfect swimming... an ENOS fourth of July July 5 Along with my son, Dylan, and his girlfriend, Sam, we traversed four state lines to spend the Fourth of July with Randy... My Armor Fetish March 15 My two contributions to this interesting show on artist's take on armor at the Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette... It's Showtime...Opening Night March 2 Thoroughly Modern Millie began it's run last night, with my daughter in the role of Millie. It played to a sold out... It's Showtime (part 2) February 22 It's always startling to have an illustration you've done at, say 22 inches high, enlarged to 22 feet high. The high... It's Showtime (Part 1) February 20 There's been little time to blog lately because the backdrop time of year has rolled around again. My daughter is the... Happy Birthday Randy January 30 Cheers to one of the sweetest and most talented guys I know, Drawger, Randy Enos. Back to the Future January 19 So I return to the place that inspired me to pursue my passion for drawing. It's tempting to say that my new role at... The Journey Begins... January 19 My daughter recieves the early decision acceptance letter to the college of her choice. Her criteria for choosing a... Martin Luther King January 15 Few public figures stir the heart and soul like Martin Luther King did, and still does. When my kids were small, I'd... Millie December 29 Today, I juggled gratis work with my deadlines. This is the poster art for my daugher's high school play. She is the... A Christmas Tradition December 26 Each year, our big event is to host a dinner party for family and friends alike, on Christmas Eve. This year, the guest... Christmas Eve Guests December 23 Every Christmas Eve, we host a dinner for friends and family. I create place settings with a theme. These are always... Walton Ford at the Brooklyn Museum November 30 Yesterday, Jos.A. Smith and I visited the Brooklyn Museum to take in 3 extraordinary shows. I wasn't familiar with one... HEROES AND VILLIANS; a tale of friendship November 6 A weekend ago was a birthday to remember. Randy and Leann Enos, James and Guzzy Grashow, visited bearing gifts of art... An event.... October 1 Last Call.... September 29 This is a last feeble attempt to lure some fellow Drawgers out to our show's opening tonight, Friday, from 6:00 - 8:00... A blast from Halloween past... September 19 Time warp....this is an early job that brought a good deal of attention (1982 - checkitout!). I was repped by a legend... That's right, I'm not from Texas. September 18 My one and only ever music post..... Last night, Lyle Lovett and his big band performed in Princeton, NJ and I was... 911 September 11 Announcement.... August 30 It is truly my privilage to share the walls with these guys. eDavid Gallery, 535 Main Sreet, Bethlehem, PA.... NEWS SPLASH!!! August 7 CALLING ALL DRAWGERS!!! July 26 For all you Drawgers within striking distance of the sleepy hamlet of Bangor, Pa. (85 miles from NYC / 65 miles from... Drawger Mike Moran's Surprise Birthday Party!!! July 10 This past weekend, Mike's super wife, Kristen, threw a fab surprise birthday party in his home. It was great to be in... ENOS: Up in Flames (almost) June 7 For the record, The NYTimes is great for starting campfires (especially the biz & real estate sections). Firstly,... Big night, bright star.... May 26 I'm gonna do my best to keep the proud papa gushing to a minimum. Last night was the big extravaganza televised... The Senior Prom May 22 Following on the heels of Randy's prom post...my daughter, ready for prom festivities, with her date (who looks like he... The Entertainer April 14 Gave a talk to academia this week (me on the left). The focus was Iraq and terrorism, using my editorial work as the... A must see show March 31 Man, I'm in some good company this time. If you are in NYC, this is worth your time. The theme is art for social change... Draw til you drop! March 19 For those of you who love drawing from the model but don't get enough time in....here's your chance....an all nighter,... Token Artist... March 9 Call me De gratis artist. Every community has to have a village idiot and a token artist. That's me (the token artist -... Loof Lion March 9 The carousel lion I restored as relates to the article below.
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