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NOVEMBER 22, 2010

These are some sculptures I've worked on this year, they were shown in exhibits in L.A. and Dallas.   I thought I'd show some of the process of how they come together.  Ideas for sculptures happen in a number of different ways for me.   Sometimes I jot down a quick thought and work out the composition as I start building, other times the sculptures happen when I start putting the pieces together on site.   Below are some of the quick sketches and the final sculptures which give an idea of how things change along the way.
"Cubitos", sugar cubes, plaster, cigar box, ribbon, 9" x 10"

"The Glory", wood, thorns, ribbon, baseball, 10" x 74" x 2"

"Still Life", cotton, coconut, wood, thorns, 6" x 10"

"Toro", hand-carved, painted tree limbs, cigar box, 13" x 12" x 2"

"Trap", mixed media, 7" x 10" x 48"

"Coupling", wood, acrylic, leather, 3" x 30", x 3"

"Reject", mixed media, 86" x 70" x 10"

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