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for Playboy Magazine

FEBRUARY 26, 2014

I was asked to illustrate a lengthy article in Playboy magazine about women and orgasms, more specifically the Orgasmic Meditation or OM movement.  You can read about it all online here:  Pleasure Seekers, the slow-sex movement's quest to build a better female orgasm.  My final illustration is above.

These were some of my initial sketches.  I combined parts of each one of these to make the final image.  Hands from one, body parts from another, etc.   I thought maybe doing something simple and quiet would be one way to go.  In the end I figured I would probably not have another opportunity to be direct with this topic so just went in this direction instead.  It was fun to figure out how everything would fit together in the final drawing, like a jigsaw puzzle.
Cover and final layout



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