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Oddities & Endities
Dozen April 10 Here is 12 in my typoseries. The others are at Numbers Racket. 7 Eleven March 31 In between spurts of pumping out my basement I worked on this little number. See the previous numbers at Numbers... Power of 10 March 28 Made it to 10 in this series! Onward and upward! Visit all the others at Numbers Racket. AlphaBeasts March 23 Last fall after Walter Vasconcelos and I completed our 100 image opus Spitball Comix we immediately started on... #9,#9,#9... March 21 10 I'm a commin to git ya! See the rest at Numbers Racket Eight is Never Enough March 16 What more can I say about this series other than "Here's Eight!" See the previous ones at Numbers... Lucky Seven March 10 I tend to get on these binges of creating stuff in catagories until I find another creative obsession to fixate on.... Sixth Sense March 6 While waiting for a couple log jammed projects to get free I have been doing some lettering exercises. Here is the... Five Easy Pieces Plus a few more. March 2 My father was a wizz at math and was constantly frustrated that it was a foreign language to me. I will dedicate... Four get it February 26 Here is the latest in my series of hand drawn numbers. To see the others visit: Numbers Racket Head February 24 This is not a head for Haiti but I was inspired by my fellow Drawgers posts to take a head I had done years ago for... Three's Company February 17 No not the TV show but the next segment of my hand drawn type numbers project. Visit my gallery Numbers... Two Much February 11 Sketches Numbers Racket one February 3 A second in the series of numeralogical, typographical explorations. Numbers Racket January 30 The first in a series of typographical numbers. HO HO HO December 22 HA HA HA, HO HO HO and a couple of LA DE DAS! Roadkill Caracters and Rubbish Rummies August 5 There is just such a thrill I get out of collecting junk and making it into things. These recent heads are the... Luna Trip July 20 This drawing started out as a tribute to the first landing on the Moon 40 years ago today. “One Giant... I Have No Idea... July 2 What these say if anything at all. Robot June 23 What is it about robots? Some of us just can't get enough of them. I am constantly seeing them at my day job. I... SPORTH FAMID TONDO April 25 Blippo Nub all. To the Ends of the Earth January 4 One month of winter and I have had enough, so it was with the utmost of awe and respect that I viewed a show at The... XMZ December 25 Urban Redwood Christmas Tree December 11 Lowell had it's City of Lights Parade a couple of weekends ago with marching bands, old cars, brownies in costumes,... Asphalt Assault October 17 Moon Base July 23 I t was 1957 and while everyone else was wasting their time playing war down at the gravel pit I was preparing for... Otto Man July 17 Don't miss this one July 12 FEED ME! June 26 Bad Dream # 39 1/2 June 18 City June 9 Urban Redwood Christmas Tree December 24 Every year the Wannalancit Mill where I work decorates it's 220 foot smokestack with 32 strands of aircraft cable... Gyrocosmic Relativators December 16 When I was a kid my father introduced me to the Gyrocosmic.Visit my new gallery to find out more about... ReMark & RePete March 18 ReMark & RePete is a visual round robin of black and whitecollages,  faxed between my friend Peter Thibeault... Season of the Witch March 5 Great song by an artist that is still touring after 43 years.I have posted a gallery of some paintings I did a while... Satan at Xmas December 17 Back in '84 or '85 I was one of a handful of illustrators asked to contribute a full page Christmas image to Boston... Devil if I know October 27 For some reason there is no Speakeasy section on my Drawger page. Has anybody experienced this and what have I done to... Evil Rat Fink October 9 Everyone has a bizzaro double lurking out there, even the good natured Rat Fink has one. Here is his evil... Idiotic table of junk September 29 Just a little bit of nonsense I put together. Perhaps a bit of flash art for some odd tattoo parlor or instruction...
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