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Factory of Fun

OCTOBER 20, 2010
Back in July I posted about my graphic, sculptural  and architectural work for the soon to open Deluxe Station Diner . The carpenters have been building my interior structures and soon I will start applying some of the details and painted finishes to them. Meanwhile back at the Factory of Fun  I have been constructing fantasy machines and devices to go along with the Industrial Revolution/ Victorian theme. The studio is awash in nuts & bolts and bric & brac. I am posting a few shots of the uncompleted stuff while in progress. It's the Factory of Fun 'cause making this stuff is such a blast!
Working with a lazy Susan, mixing bowl, pie plate holder, oil filter and other paraphernalia to create a diabolical device of questionable function.
Stage 1 of a wall mounted steam chamber.
Stage 2, and lots more to come.
Bird feeder, steam flange, mixing bowl and threaded pipe are awaiting the addition of radar antenna.
36 Hula Hoops, more fun!
All this work is being done under the watchful eyes of The Master.
I assemble all the elements into a piece then paint the entire work a base color, after which I then start adding colors and details.
Look for further posts as I complete more.
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