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What a long great trip it's been.

JULY 17, 2023
Satan and a still life.
My 1968 High School yearbook profile listed my future goal as becoming a 'Commercial Artist'.
Four years of college with some incredible teachers and mentors and I was on my way.
Just last year I delivered my final illustration assignment, marking 50 years of Commercial Art.
During those years I got to work with some great art and creative directors who pushed me to
become a better artist. The breadth of the assignments and projects I was involved in would have
been unimaginable back in' 72 when my career started. The illustrators who became friends influenced
me to try and equal their excellence. It really has been a great trip, but I have decided to call it quits as a
practicing Commercial Artist. Still going to make stuff and draw, couldn't stop if I wanted, it's my blood.
Finally, I have to give a big thanks to Zimm for creating this space to show off our work, it's been an honor
to be amongst such a talented group of artists over my 17 years of Drawger.
© 2023 Mark Fisher