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APRIL 3, 2007
some rough sketches
WGBH in Boston has a new show as a companion to Antiques Roadshow called Jackpot!. It highlights people who find that the value of one of their antiques is big compared to what they paid for it,
hence the term Jackpot!
Since I did this years poster for AR (see earlier post) they asked me to do the postcard promo art for the new show. The card is 6 x 11 inches.
They wanted to use a slot machine as a symbol for the show. Having never seen one up close I did a little Googeling and found some nifty antique ones.
I have posted some sketches and comps as well as a few of my steps and the finished piece.
More sketches.
I tried making a connection to cash in this one.
Presentation sketch 1
Some of my favorite illustrations to do involve hand lettering and this one would prove to be a fun one.

I did 2 presentation sketches in color.
A second presentation sketch
With this idea I tried to get a currency feel.
They chose the currency sketch but liked the slot machine from the other sketch. So I began refining in pencil the lettering and forms.
Line art in Illustrator.
I then scanned the pencil sketch and construct a line drawing in Illustrator.
The various colors are the different layers.
Wire frame art
I then have a wire frame drawing that I then import into Photoshop.
From there I will add color and tone as well as background detail to
mimic the complexity of currency.
The Finished art
At the last minute they inform me that the actual name is Jackpot!
So I had to tweak a bit and add the !.
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