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Gourmet Magazine

MAY 18, 2007
Calvados wines from North Western France
In the early 90’s I received a call from the AD at Gourmet magazine, Irwin Glusker.
He had seen my portfolio through my NY rep and wanted to talk.
Up front he informed me that he would unlikely have future need of my services but that he did have one article that perhaps was suited for my style.  An odd opening but a job is a job and after all it was Gourmet and a renowned  designer.
His honesty wasn’t insulting since my portfolio was really suited to business and hi tech magazines.

I sent some sketches, got feedback and did the painting.
Job completed to his and my satisfaction,  end of story.

It wasn’t long before a second assignment came along and another and another.
I worked with Irwin over the next few years until his retirement from the magazine.
Most illustrations were for the wine column with occasional dining out and recipe

The great experience of it all was working with a fine art director who
brought me in a direction I never would have explored on my own.

I am posting one of the early pieces here and a collection of more in a gallery called Gourmet.
Topical: Workonianisms  
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