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Space Cowboys

JUNE 8, 2007
Space Cowboys logo
I just completed a T- shirt image for a friend who is organizing a reunion of old college friends from 35 years ago this summer.
They went by the name 'Space Cowboys'. Of course along with the deep intellectual  pondering of the universal mysteries of life there was a fair amount of drugs and the presence of a strange animal skulled character in one of their apartments .

A simple 3 color silkscreen job that was quite fun to work on. He suggested the backward rider and let me go. We had a back and forth of fine tuning to get the art and lettering just right. He is a designer so it was an intelligent exploration. Long a fan of the 6o's rock posters I am quite happy with the way the lettering works.

I am including my initial sketchbook sketch. Seeing a finished piece next to the original doodle is always a fun comparison.
Space Cowboys initial sketch
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