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It was 40 years ago today

JULY 18, 2007
Chosen image for back of Tshirt
WGBH  wanted me to do another Tshirt for the Antiques Roadshow Summer Tour.
Staff members who over the summer travel around and put the show together in the various cities get these shirts. The AD Dennis O'Reilly requested  a few sketch ideas but only specifically said "Perhaps one sketch could have the names of the cities the show would be visiting making up the shape of the country". I said OK but saw little promise in that one. Foolish me!
Image on left front breast
sketch A
The following are the sketches presented.
Sketch B
Sketch C
Sketch D
Sketch E
This one I thought had no promise.
But after looking at it compared to all the others I had to agree that it was the one with the most potential. They liked the feel of reference to the Rock posters of the '60s.
Which was around 40 years ago and makes them and us of those years antiques!
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