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Chicago Reader

JULY 30, 2007
In 1981 I was asked by Bob Roth the managing editor of the Chicago Reader to illustrate a book that they would be serializing in the weekly paper over the next years time.
The name of the book escapes me but it dealt with the social, moral and political life of Chicago in the late 19th and early 20th Century. A time when Industry, the church and politics battled over the lives and souls of the people oftentimes with tragic consequences. Dover had a series of books out at the time with lots of old copyright free engravings which fit the time period so I proposed a series of collages using old engravings.
The project took a little over a year and resulted in around 60 collages.
Go over to my new gallery to see a few of the pieces.
Topical: Workonianisms  
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