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Dino Soup

SEPTEMBER 13, 2008
Cover art
This spring I worked on illustrating a fun little book for Bob's Your Uncle. http://bobsyouruncle.com/
The book is called Dinosaur Soup (and other dubious recipes written by children). Quite a lot of funny ingredients and quirky recipes. My illustrations by comparison are quite tame and are meant to highlight in a subtle way some part of the recipe without taking over the text since it is the recipes themselves that are the humor.
The art is quite different from my usual wacky work but I get a charge out of sometimes just rendering the simplest of things
Martin Yeeles was the designer who along with his wife Michele own and run Bob's Your Uncle a wholesale gift and greeting card company.
shot of the book
A few of the 50 spot illustrations from the book
a spread
a spread
a spread
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