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Spitball Comix

NOVEMBER 14, 2009
Back in April, Walter Vasconcelos and I started a project of drawn and digital collages. We decided on a 6.4 inch square format where one of us would do a character in b&w and e-mail it to the other, who would then add color; backgrounds, textures and words. We alternated this process between he in Brazil, and I in the U.S. for 199 days untill we concluded it with panel 100.
Some of the panels flow in sequence and others are lone wolves. Somewhere along the way we decided to concentrate on just faces, adding numbers to the mix. What I find very interesting is how blended some of the panels are, so much so I have trouble discerning who did what.  We had so much fun with this project that we are in the midst of another. I have put together the whole batch here. Enjoy!

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