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I Mean, What Do They Mean? July 10 I’ve had several friends ask about my “Death at the Circus” series drawings. "What do they... Glimpse of My Watercolor Process October 9 Elwood Smith in his Studio Filmed for the Syracuse University Illustration program by illustrator and Syracuse... PELIKAN FOUNTAIN PEN UPDATE! June 6 DAWGS FOR DRAWGERS May 14 Astronauts ate them in outer space, we fed them to the King of England and one guy, in 2009, gobbled down 68... GOOD NEWS: A Great WATERPROOF INK April 20 Hi, Drawgerites. It's been a long time, but I'm back with an update on my quest for a completely waterproof... Roll Magazine - December 2009 December 12 This is the third cover I've done for the wonderful gang at Roll Magazine, a Hudson Valley gem. As some... Remembering Alan E. Cober November 4 Alan E. Cober In early May, 1986, Alan E. Cober called me to ask me if I'd participate in an... HALLOWEEN ART October 19 I just finished an animation for Halloween. Maggie is designing a promotional emailer with a link to the animation.... NY Times Dining Section Assignment July 1 NY Times art director, Nicki Kalish, called the other day with an assignment. It's always a pleasure to work for... LANNY March 17 Francis Landon "Lanny" Sipperley 1944 - 2007 As best I could tell, our neighbor, Lanny Sipperley was... MABEL'S SUGAR COOKIES February 27 In the “The Nomads” article below, I touched upon my guitar lessons with Cootch and Mabel. The photo of... Cheers! December 23 Cheers to Drawgerites, one and all from the Green Monkey. I propose a toast to laughter, great friendships and enough... Will Work For Beer November 19 Here’s how it all began. I’ve distilled it down to ease eye fatigue. Maggie and I joined Susan Blommaert, a... I Love Beer! July 29 A few thoughts and a couple of photos of and about beer. I'd be really trim if I didn't drink one or two glasses... Pickles in a Bowl July 27 Pickles, one of our now pretty large kittens, has found a way to beat the heat. A nice cool bowl on the living room... I'm Back. From Alpena July 22 Smith Family Reunion 2007I'm not fond of flying. I can drag myself into an airplane hull, but I need a few pints of... I'm Back. In 3 Parts July 9 PrologueRandy Enos is amazing. Where the hell does that creative crustacean get all that energy? He scrapes and carves... HOG DOG: A True Story July 21 Last Wednesday, Maggie and I were awakened to the sound of a dog vomiting. Not the neighbor's dog tossing his cookies... POLECATS & BEAGLES June 30 One of the joys of living in a small town is unearthing local treasures. I've lived in Chicago and New York City where... Cartoon Rube at the Reubens! June 6 Cartoon Rube at the Reubens!I'm finally recovering from my gig with the wild and wooly "National Cartoonists... Moving Forward, Looking Back May 15 1. I am busy as a bovine trying to get a batch of assignments done before next Tuesday. That's why you haven't seen... Three Cheers for 3x3! May 10 Drawger Alert! Drawger Alert! Do yourself a favor and check out "3x3", a magazine dedicated entirely to...
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