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Death at the Circus (23)

It is my intention to create a new drawing for my Death to the Circus series every day, although the truth is, life's various activities and responsibilities snatch a work day or two away from me each week. Add to those lost days, there's the filtering process that thwarts my attempt at producing a good drawing each day. Over the past two days, I made 5 drawings and rejected two. Of the three remaining, I believe one drawing to be excellent, a second drawing to be very good and the third to be quite good. Three keepers, two failures. I most often tear up and toss out the failures, but for some reason, I kept the two recent drawings that didn't measure up. I tore them from my spiral bound sketchbook, but laid them off to the side. Maybe if I begin making collage pieces, I can cut out and reuse the good stuff from those pages.
Today's drawing is the one I deem excellent. I wonder how the art feels about my rating system. "Who are you to play God?" they probably ask. I do feel a twinge of guilt when I toss pictures in the trash.
Death at the Circus 9-8-15 Full Drawing

Death at the Circus #23 Detail 2

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