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Death at the Circus (30)

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015
I'm posting two new drawings today. Number 29 was created last night with some tweaking done this morning. Then, instead of heading to the kitchen for breakfast, I dove into a new drawing, Number 30. By the way, should anyone be interested, the numbered drawings here on my blog are most, but not all of those I've been producing. If I created a couple of drawings on the same day, I sometimes pick my favorite to post.
I feel a need to put these drawings out into the world, sort of like a parent showing off pictures of their little kid who participated in a local theater piece. But I am aware each time that my audience is small and the whole thing can have the same effect that too many slides of a family event can leave friends rolling their eyes or dozing off in their seats. I sometimes wish I were one of those humble hermit artists who work privately in their studio, shunning the outer world until, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, hundreds of the their paintings appear in a big, surprising and delightful gallery show. Obviously, for better or worse, I'm not that person.
Thanks for your patience,

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