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The First Cy Twombly Plus Drawing in my Transformation Series

NOVEMBER 18, 2018
Cy Twombly is one of my favorite artists. I love his loose, scrawling pencil line abstract pieces. I haven’t yet found a path to enter the world of abstraction, although it’s a form I’ve been fond of since the early 60s. I don’t look for figuartive imagery in Twombly’s drawings, but I thought it would be an interesting to transfer some of his more subtle works to paper and then draw into them—try to bring compatible images into his abstract world. Here’s my first attempt to merge one of Cy Twombly’s drawings, along with other imagery, all tied up together with some of my own.
Transformation Cy Twombly # Series #1
I began with a laser print of one Cy’s black and white drawings. The Twombly base that resulted was quite faint, but I found it to be the perfect starting point. I then burned laser prints of some primitive masks photos I’d gathered from the web over the past year, thinking I’d eventually do something with them. I didn’t burn the entire masks, I just pressed my Creative Versa-Tool (with Transfer Point installed) down onto chosen areas from the print. Once that was done, I began drawing images into the resulting “wallpaper” I’d just created. I’m enjoying the mixture of control and the lack of it, working with or around the accidental images on my paper-scape. 
More to come. Thanks to those who’ve added comments to my posts, here and on Facebook. 
-Elwood 11-18-2018 
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