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5th Winsor McCay Drawing in my Transformation Series

NOVEMBER 26, 2018
The entire piece
I transferred the McCay Nemo strip to paper and returned to it sometime later on that same day. During the summer, the paper has more moisture, so I tend to use softer pencils, like a No. 2 or more recently, I’ve tried a very soft No. 1. In cold weather, the wallboard heat in my studio dries out the paper and I use harder pencils, No. 2, No. 2.5 and sometimes a No. 3. For some reason I grabbed the extra soft No. 1 and began drawing. I’m usually in a somewhat meditative mood when I draw, but on this day, I almost stabbed the paper with the soft graphite. 
The results are not dramatically different from my past McCay/Nemo transfer drawings, but there’s a bit more weight to the graphite lines and even my watercolor and color pencil additions, which I added the following morning, are a bit more dense. I’m very pleased with the result. 
Thanks again for visiting Drawger and for your comments, here and on Facebook. 
-Elwood 11-26-18
Detail #1
Detail #2
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