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Little Creative Breakthroughs

DECEMBER 3, 2021
Every so often, artists of all stripes make small, but important breakthroughs. I just made one this evening. The art in this post is that very one. I've long admired the drawings of Henrik Drescher. His line drawings are fabulous, reminding me of the printmakers I've loved over the years, like Leonard Baskin and José Luis Cuevas. Henrik also creates his own world, which I was doing to some extent when I was busy in the commercial arena, but even more so now that I'm free to create without a prescribed agenda. Not sure if my new "Transformation/Transfer Henrik, Hats & Left Hand Nitro series will last long, but I think it wil. At least for a small batch of drawings.
Final art for Transformation/Transfer drawing: "Henrik, Hats & Left Hand Nitro 12-2-2021"
Step No. 1. I began by burning 10 hat images onto my hot press watercolor paper, and then burned snippets of Henrik Drescher drawings that I'd grabbed off the internet and printed out on my Brother Laser Printer. That process is one I've been employing now for a year or so. I study the imagery left behind on the paper, looking for a way into them, to create my imagery on top of, and inpired by, what I see. I use a simple graphite pencil to create the drawing and then add watercolor and color pencil.
Step 2. I added washes of beer (Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout) and then began using real watercolors.
Detail #1
Detail #2
Detail #3
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