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You Asked For It!

APRIL 18, 2006
Michigan Geek


Howdy Drawgerites, Monkey, here. Actually no one asked for anything, but I just broke out of the vet's office where Elwood had me boarded for an "indefinite period of time" and I thought I'd join in on the embarrassing "early picture" rave that's hatched in my absence. Being a modest monkey, I figured I'd pass on posting my delightful baby pics and nail Elwood. He's dozing off at his drawing table and may awaken any minute, so I'll make this short and sweet.

That's Elwood above in 1958 at the Long Lake Supermarket. After the store closed, he and the owner's son, Al Zdan, would plug in and play till late into the night. The guitar he's holding was built by his dad from Carvin hardware and the neck & body constructed from a choice piece of hard rock Michigan maple. His dad's name was Elwood. Name's a hoot, if you ask me. What were they thinking up there in Alpena, Michigan?

Got me to thinking about other Elwoods, like the infamous Elwood Blues of the Blues Brothers and the earlier Elwood P. Dowd played by Jimmy Stewart in the movie Harvey. So I hit the Worldwide Web for a quick check. Here's what I found:

Elwood was Elwood before this Belushi's pal was Elwood:
Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd (Born July 1st 1952 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

But not before drunken Jimmy played Elwood:
Elwood P. Dowd of the movie "Harvey" with Jimmy Stewart
Click for Harvey

Unlike Elwood H., this guy was a high flyer:
Chuck Yeager's full name is...
Charles Elwood Yeager.

The Elwood Bar & Grill

Need only a drink & some beer nuts?
Elwood's Bar

Check out the Giant Elwood Bike! A model for ladies and gents.
Giant Elwood

How's about an Elwood Enlarger (Elwood could use one of them babies!). I found this on the web somewhere:
"I went to a used photo shop today to look at an Omega D2 they had advertised. Instead I became intrigued with an old 5x7 Elwood. I had never seen one of these beasts before but am interested. The dealer guessed the unit was built in the 50's."

A town:
Elwood, Nebraska

Another town:
Elwood, Indiana
Your chance to meet Mayor W. Merrill and Lela Taylor.

Another town, down under:
Elwood, Victoria, Australia

I could box his ears here:
Elwood Packaging

Oops, he's stirring, gotta go.

-Green Monkey
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