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MAY 2, 2006
Example 1

Okay, CARTOONIST Drawgers, here's the deal:

You've been going about cartooning completely the WRONG WAY! You sit there, trying to draw cartoons, but it's HARD. You are often BLOCKED and can't get the drawings to turn out right and your ideas SUCK. We all know that feeling and rumor has it that the cartoonist illustrators here on Drawger have that feeling of inadequacy more than the other (more serious) artists on this blog.

Relax, Monkey is here and HELP is just around the corner.

Example 1 is a sketch my pal Elwood did a while back for the Wall Street Journal. It's pathetic. The guy can't draw hands or feet. Where's the perspective? You call those pointy things BUSHES?

See what I mean? He's wasting his time. If only Elwood would admit he needs help. Stop snickering, Buster. You, too, probably need help. Am I right? You need someone, a PRO to help you learn the TRICKS of the TRADE. You need to learn SECRETS from a MASTER. You are in luck, my friends. LOU DARVAS GUARANTEES to turn "you into a PRO!" He'll do so online, in the comfort of your own home. Within three months, you can lose your pathetic amateur status, becoming a pro in Twelve Easy Steps!

You heard me right. Elwood discovered his site a mere FIVE days ago and already I'm seeing improvement. Take a look at example 2. Now you're talking! Look at the improvement on Ronald's hands and feet. Examine the chicken's anatomy. Check out the perspective on that pizza pie!

So do yourself a favor and click here:

Draw Cartoons

Remember, you'll "Get Your Cartoons PUBLISHED and EARN $$$$ Within THREE MONTHS...GUARANTEED!

Good Luck,
-Green Monkey
Example 2
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