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Elwood H. Smith - Elwood's Personal Art

Elwood's Personal Art

Elwood H. Smith - New Work - 2007

New Work - 2007

Some experiments using Photoshop and Painter. Stretching out a bit.
Elwood H. Smith - Sketchbook: FISH

Sketchbook: FISH

I always doodle when talking on the phone. Most often I doodle over my watercolor "color tests". Along the right side of my drawing table I tape pieces of watercolor paper & use them to dab little blobs of color as I mix my colors. When taking a phone call, I absentmindedly draw into those free-form watercolor shapes. If you call and you sense I'm drifting away, it's because I am. When you hang up, I scissor out my favorites and tape them into a sketch book. That is why I have many sketchbooks filled with doodles. And that is why I have no friends.
Elwood H. Smith - Sketchbook: BUNNIES

Sketchbook: BUNNIES

I often use bunnies in my illustrations. They are most often found peeking over hills or at the sides of roads as cars zoom past. They usually look worried. Of all the neurotic animals inhabiting my art, the buns are probably most like me. Long ears, fluffy tail, long whiskers.
Elwood H. Smith - Postcards


A batch of my promotional postcards from over the years. All cards were beautifully designed by Maggie Pickard. Printing mostly by Modern Postcard.
Elwood H. Smith - My Family

My Family

I thought I'd honor my family, particularly members no longer alive. They sit staring into the camera lens, seemingly not comfortable doing so and I wonder what they are thinking. I have their genes and yet I don't know them at all. What would it be like to sit with them for an evening in the late 1800's, maybe on the back porch or in the smoke-filled room near the fireplace, I wonder.
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