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Words and Pictures: Op-Ed at 40 Part 1

DECEMBER 7, 2010

The documentary “Forty Years of Op-Ed Art” was produced by the New York Times and posted on its website September 26, 2010. It was produced, edited and directed by Aviva Michaelov, current art director of the Op Ed page and Gabriel Johnson. Steve Heller, a former Senior Art Director of the Times, collaborated as writer and narrator. 


For more personal perspective on the art and artists of the Op Ed page, see  All the Art That’s Fit to Print (And Some that Wasn’t) by Jerelle Kraus. Jerelle followed Suares, Heller, Pam Vassil and others as Op-Ed’s art director, and no one so far has held that position longer nor done did more to sustain and extend the premise of art as an independent means of expression. 

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