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La Spezia

OCTOBER 11, 2017
Last Saturday, an exhibition of my pictures opened at the Spazio 32 Gallery in La Spezia, Italy. In addition to the terrific opening, our boat trip to the five coastal villages of the Cinque Terre was both a fantastic experience on the Ligurian Sea and may have given me enough material for a series of Italian landscapes.

My deepest thanks to Cristina Taverna of the Nuages Gallery in Milan for arranging and curating the exhibition and to the distinguished designer and author Andrea Rauch for his introduction to the catalog and his gracious words of introduction that evening. My thanks also to Emma Pagano of the gallery for translating my various comments into Italian, both at the opening and in interviews, and to Sergio Cereda for driving us to Liguria and for adding my work to his remarkable collection.

The exhibition runs through November 18. These and other paintings and drawings are part of the show. Most of them first appeared in a book or magazine.

Uneasy Chair, PLANADVISER Magazine

I'm Not Me, Discover Magazine

A Perfect Match, Northwestern Magazine

Runner, Darim Publishing, Korea

Jumper, The Serapions Ensemble, Odeon Theater, Vienna

Catcher, Imagicians, Inc.

Juggler, Hollinger International, Inc.

Shout, Poster for Iranian dissident movement

Cowboy, Time International

Native American, Penthouse Magazine

Pearl, The MacArthur Foundation

The Staff of Life, The Serapions Ensemble, Odeon Theater, Vienna
Panama Hatless, National Geographic Books

Rocks and Palms

Balanced Rock, Darim Publishing, Korea

All paintings © 2017 Brad Holland
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