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APRIL 24, 2014
450 years ago yesterday. 30 years ago today, a lady visiting New York saw my Times page illustrating "Power lunches at the Four Seasons" and we got to meet. She gave me this project to produce a cartoon version of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night working with RSC director David Gibson. About a year later, two days to deadline, whizzing down the Chelsea Embankment in rush hour, I collected a car, seriously rearranging my little XR 250 and my right arm. A month later and well plastered, I finished the final page with my left hand and  help from my right hand man, son Rupert. The book is  now in its 3rd decade of  printing and I share a little piece of history and an eternal link to the Bard. It's  just a bummer that neither of us enjoy royalties.
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