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JULY 21, 2015
I was a painter who paid the rent with occasional commissions. Portraits of people, pets or possessions, often in the style of , you name it. I was about 40 when I stumbled into illustration, getting a job from an aquaintance at the NYTimes. My life changed and for 25 years I enjoyed  an amazing variety of jobs and a security I’d never known, I thought it would never end. Today, business is slow, so slow I’ve sort of picked up where I left off. It’s not so bad, and working one on one with people is great and I get to set my own deadlines and work BIG! (bad eyes). This week, a portrait of Churchill (from a photo of my choice), in the style of Alex Katz with an unexpected bonus – I got to sign it - AK AKA JHH ! Funny Huh?

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