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MARCH 27, 2008
Is it really a 37 hour trip to Australia?? Well... not exactly. But a departure at 5pm Friday from Boston, to an arrival in Brisbane at 6am Sunday... it sure seems like it! And well worth it... We made the three week trip last August. Here are some paintings and some select photos. I'll post more as I create them.
A bike ride from Brisbane to Redcliffe Penninsula ... we thought would be a few hours, was actually about 8.5 hours. the plan: ride up and stay over night in a motel, then ride back the next day. Turns out the standard bike trip for folks that take the 'tour' includes a majority of the trip by train. Agh! Needed to purchase a 2 inch thick street map and refer to it constantly. Arrive after dark. Ouch. Oh, and, no motel reservations were made in advance. Needed an extra day rest before returning.
We spent a week driving north to Airlee Beach, then back.... (North gets tropical.... looks like Hawaii in places). A great way to see the country and meet people.
The main north-south route - like our I95, is an undivided 2 lane road that is shared with road trains... triple tractor trailers. They get your attention... as do their 'creative' signs.
Not 90 minutes from downtown Brisbane, is an area of rainforests up in the mountains. A trip highlight. But as you drive towards the area, it is a dry, and arid desert. No sign of anything remotely rainforest.... until you get up past a certain point, it starts like a hollywood set, complete with hanging vines, screeching birds, and strangler fig trees. See to believe.
Australians are funny people.
Whitehaven Beach is one of the only places on the globe with pure silica sand on its beaches. So fine, your legs sink past ankle deep at the water's edge. Locals use the sand to polish jewelry. We brought some home. Patti, Greg, and Jeff check it out....
Fine accommodations! Exchange rate is in our favor.... some real bargains to be found, which certainly helps on a long trip.