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Ice Cream On Left, Celery On Right

MARCH 31, 2010
Obesity In America... for Johns Hopkins Magazine. The writer states that something like 70% of Americans will be classified as obese by 2015. Hmmm. Better check that one.
Some recent creations....
Once I started with roughs, it was hard to stop. There is a lot you can do with this one... Think celery!
A detail for all you breast and tummy enthusiasts.
Risk management illo for AON corp... companies now taking a longer-term, strategic approach to risk management.
E-Reader possibilities for Reed Publications.
Mid-April is right down the road! Time for prep and advice.... This for Meredith Corp.
Environmental Defense Fund's newsletter cover on 'The Grid'... A detail follows if you are well behaved.
As promised earlier, a detail. Which provides no more detail than the previous view. I'll work on that.
Barron's cover on U.S. superstar fund manager type broker peeps.
And this from The Daily Beard. Cover, Vol.1, Issue 2, I believe.