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Uncle Rebus

JULY 20, 2010
An indication of a well assigned job is when it comes as naturally as breathing and is pure joy to work on. Pete Hausler from The Wall Street Journal called late Thursday last week with this rebus-like puzzle assignment that runs in today's paper.

I had roughs done and approved before he left for the day on Thursday. This is a bit looser than I normally do roughs, but I would be out of the studio the next day and wanted to try to get the go-ahead...
Details were done with my new Mont Blanc knock-off (a Mont Blanc cartridge fits nicely inside a Pilot G-2 at about .000459 the cost - cool!). I worked in my sketckbook and on various papers and vellum over a few days - without adversley affecting a weekend of serious fun and 4 rounds of golf with 15 buddies in the New Hampshire hills.
I scanned all the pieces and put it all together for a Monday deadline. You can read the story here. It is pretty interesting  - on 'How To Tame Your Nightmares'.
Thanks again, Pete!
(Title inspired by a Frank Zappa song with a similar name... remember Uncle Remus? Oh well.)