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Book Cover Series

JANUARY 25, 2011
When Art Buyer Enrico emailed from Piscataway, New Jersey a few weeks ago, I knew right away it was indeed a rare, and special job offer. He needed a bunch of book covers designed and illustrated - offered plenty of creative freedom, plus more jobs to come, and promised a billboard sized budget  - so I was on-board big-time. I didn’t get the name of the big agency he was with - this large-scale project required the utmost secrecy. Cool. I’m good with that. We were hard at work within hours.
As we progressed - another great offer was proffered - if I put up a good portion of the publishing costs, I could get in early on this venture and secure a huge chunk of the royalties. In fact, if I took charge of printing the whole collection, I could most probably take control and see steady, significant profits for years to come. I’m there Enrico Baby!!!!! How cool is that? You da Man! This is too good.
But, as of last week, I have not been able to get in touch with him. His gmail account seems to be ‘offline’ at the moment. Not to worry. Couple of 'Feds' (yeah right) called asking if I know him, but I know it is just his competitors trying to get in on publishing at its best (Woah!!)

And  - just today, the first shipment of 12,000 books arrived at the warehouse I leased down in Yaphank, Long Island. Psyched!!!

If any of you wish to order any of these elegant volumes - just lemme know! I have read all manuscripts and they are all top-notch, if not slightly lascivious reads.

Indicate your fav and I’ll send one free.

Hope you like.
Dr. Yip’s research shows a significant increase in libido the harder and faster you work into your later years.

This was going to be titled ‘WTF?’ but was vetoed by Enrico’s associate, Joey Bagels.

The new healthcare bill calls for all socks to be registered. Turns out - the more socks you have, the lower your cholesterol tends to be, so your premiums will be lowered. But you can’t just say you have a ton of socks. You have to register them in order to get full benefits. Hamilton County is the first to issue the Directory.

The new healthcare bill also finds that a few extra smokes later in life might assist in hastening a more speedy demise, saving you and me 87 billion in ten years in end-of life liabilities.

A beautiful novel. Incredible ending when Myrna runs away with Tiffany but her Uncle Will gets squished.

(No review available - but word is on the street it is a good read)

Think about it.

Not appropriate for minors. Jersey shore included.

A complete and fascinating collection. (sorry...)

In depth & on-time.