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Earthquakes and Heretics

NOVEMBER 20, 2011
Here are 2 illustrations from the past 2 weeks for the Matt Ridley column that runs in the Weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal. It was slightly ironic working on this illustration while in Pasadena, CA. The column was entitled "First The Bad News: We Can Cause Earthquakes". Well, I didn't feel any tremblers while out there. And it was not till I returned home and looked at the printed piece that I saw an L.A. architecture sensibility in the houses. I guess it's bound to happen after taking boatloads of pictures and constantly keeping my eyes open and receptive to west coast scenery.

The Pasadena trip was part 2 of The Masters of Fine Arts program with The U. of Hartford. This has been an incredibly inspiring, informative, and invigorating venture. It is great to get out of the studio, and out of town, and work alongside some wonderful friends and colleagues.

This one was entitled "Is That Scientific Heretic a Genius--or a Loon?"...Thanks once again to Kelly Peck, and to Keith Webb for working with me to get some bolder yellow happening...