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F is for Fenway

DECEMBER 12, 2011
Entering the home stretch to finish up illustrations for 'F is for Fenway' - a children's alphabet picture book due out in the spring of 2012 - to coincide with Fenway's 100th birthday. Been a fun project - a lot of work, considering the details required to render any aspect of a baseball park.(!)(ouch) Sleeping Bear Press is the publisher. Go Sox!!!!!

This illustration: P is for Pesky's pole, of course. (right field foul pole...) Each letter has a short poem, along with a brief historical description of the detail(s) illustrated. Written by Jerry Pallotta. Art directed by the most excellent Jennifer Bacheller.

V is for Van Ness, as in Van Ness Street. Much of the reference I am using came from photos I took a few years ago while attending a game (and creating a painting of Fenway...), and from photos I took while on a tour of the park this past spring.
What would 'C' stand for, you might ask? Tha'd be .... crowd.
One more for the Fenway preview.... N is for numbers. The red ones are retired Red Sox numbers, the blue 42 for Jackie Robinson.

Looking forward to the Spring of 2012! Hopefully work on some book signings with Fenway. If that does not work out, then you'll find me on Yawkey Way with a bag of books over my shoulder and a black Sharpie. Uncapped.