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5 Bridge Dudes

MAY 11, 2012

After hearing the reports last week of these guys trying to blow up the State Route 82 Bridge outside Cleveland, I had a dream that I was implicated in some sort of sinister plot - exactly what was not clear. All I knew was that my fingerprints were all over incriminating evidence, and it was just a matter of time before the authorities brought me in. What was I thinking? I was relieved to wake up. So, the next day, I thought I'd draw these guys. It is dumbfounding trying to find any trace of logic here. What were they thinking? Three of them are self-proclaimed anarchists. Now, I know - or thought I knew - what an anarchist was. But here are some definitions I found:

***Anarchists schools of thought can differ fundamentally, supporting anything from extreme individualism to complete collectivism...

or this:

***Similarly, anarchism enjoys complex relationships with ideologies such as Marxism, communism, and capitalism...


***...anarchy may or may not be intended to imply political disorder or lawlessness within a society.

They talked about making a statement against corporate America and the government as some of the motivations for their actions.

Confused??? Me too. Sounds like you can be for - or against - anything, whether its the government, capitalism, extreme individualism or complete collectivism. What. Ever. Glad they failed.