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Baseball and the Society of Illustrators

OCTOBER 10, 2012
A few months ago when the Red Sox were leading the league in things other than losses, I posted some of my illustrations from F is for Fenway, a children's ABC book by Sleeping Bear Press. The Red Sox are out, but my Fenway book will be part of an upcoming Society of Illustrators show. Work from the book will be on exhibit at the Society in The Original Art 2012 - An Exhibition of Children's Book Illustration.
The show opens October 24, 2012 and will run through December 22, 2012. Thats two long months of visual bliss. Check out all sorts of interesting stuff about the show at the Society of Illustrators web site. I hope to see y'all at the opening on Thursday, October 25, 2012. 
In other baseball news, here are a few recent illustrations for a magazine that the U.S.P.S. publishes. The article was on Triple-A league baseball and the excitement around the games. And, how they use the Postal Service in successful marketing, of course.