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Out of the West Texas...

OCTOBER 24, 2012
El Paso,.... as performed by these two fine gentlemen in a Mexican restaurant down in Fort Worth. These are a few new pieces that I have created that I will probably use as part of my master's thesis with the University of Hartford. The program is just fantastic, I love it... only it is going by far too quickly... . At this time, I am focusing broadly on portraits for my thesis, but we'll see where this all goes. For this illustration, I was inspired by the great Jack Unruh, who I finally had the chance to meet in Fort Worth.

Bucky's First Flurry, ink, watercolor, colored pencil, digital. Who knows where this came from. I've been bringing to finish various sketchbook ramblings... While this might have zero commercial application, I'm enjoying the journey. I find I keep coming back to the architecture and street scenes of depressed neighborhoods, toys as props, Aboriginal dots, surreal variation in scale, and a central image surrounded by smaller bits.

The Environmentalist. Mixed media... Below, some details...

Thats all for now... The Hartford MFA program really is a great experience on so many levels. Anyone interested, just gimme a ring any time. Heres their website for more: Hartford MFA.