John S. Dykes
Direct Mailer: Do Not Resuscitate?
Here are pages from a direct mailer I put together a few months ago. Doing more idea based cartoon illustration... they are quite unique, in that, they are only funny to me (wait till you see the Hair Chair..HA! I just break me up).
The promotional idea behind this 'catalog' is to send art directors something that might hold their attention (yeah, right) for a few more moments than yer average postcard might.... But... if there is something to read, and a bit of humor, it might help.
A few previously commissioned illos sprinkled in... Yes, I paid me a re-use fee...God! Leeme alone for chrissake.
This catalog must be supported by our loyal advertisers.
Another loyal advertiser. They've been with us for years.
I think I mailed about 50 of these things out. Cannot remember if any assignments came in as a direct result, but I am almost certain no art director called with a rush Hair Chair job... I might need to refine my mailing list... The question of the day is... Do I call my college art student assistant and get her stapling again?? I do love the sound of that thing. Sounds like a real production is going on...
Call for your copy...TODAY! And remember, "quality is our main whatever".

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