John S. Dykes
And now for something completely different
I think this is a monoprint, Edel. Looks like I might have been doing it first...
I gave a talk at the University of Kansas and started it off with some early creations. It helped to start off on a lighter note - before delving deep into the serious issues behind drawing pictures and coloring them in for a living.
....And what's wrong with that? I was just trying to make the classroom a nicer place to be.
The sign on Nixon's nose says: "Face 40 miles". I think I put peace sign earrings on'em, too.
Substitute teachers were prime subjects.
While we are on that school thing.... One more... My sister's class.... Addams Family?? Run for your lives!
...At least we see some steady improvement....
Wait - there's more of that report card....
Some verifiable documentation of poetry prowess here??? And how 'bout those math check-plusses?? (and this is NOT a fraudulently photoshopped farm of facts, friends).

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