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Ted Kaczinski never leaves his cell...
Two and a half years ago I moved from CT to MA and now I am finally settled in to a new studio. While I was able to keep working, focusing on long term projects was tough. My studio was the living room - but we renovated over the summer. Now there is light! Storage! Organization! I can think...I think. Time to sink into something I can.... sink into. So here are two of a planned series of 100 'Reportraits'. These are portraits with a bit of hand lettered factoid - either interesting, or funny, wacky. Some will be like these, while others might be smaller, mainly black and white... My intent is to always have portraits in the works - get fliud, avoid being too tight, and to not fear failure. And, keep momentum going and be ready to work whenever the assignment schedule lightens up. I reserved ...for fun... and will do something with that soon - And of course, the other intent is to find or create a market for portrait work to do on a regular basis... hopefully.
Kim Jong Il helps his Dad with his shoes...a FACT!
I had started this idea just prior to 9/11. I was going to send a new postcard out each month to a fairly limited list of under 500 cards. Somehow got sidetracked.... I sent this mailing out on the weekend prior to the 11th. And somehow after that, Kim Jong Il and his father's shoes, well, it didn't matter that much... Stay tuned...

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