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Reportrait: David Lynch

JANUARY 4, 2007
This is a fast portrait for the Boston Globe done right before this year's great Christmas exodus. I just added the hand written story to it... (it was published without my commentary). I love getting interesting people to draw. I am a big believer in the power of meditation... Although I don't practice it as regularly as I'd like to... usually when the pressure heats up with life and deadlines - it is , besides excercise, the best way to get grounded, and to slow down a bit. But as with anything, regular practice does wonders. I just read the other day, that even if you are not able to give it 20 minutes - do it for a minute or two - because it is that regularity that is key. (Like drawing every day... you know the drill...). David Lynch is starting a foundation to try to raise some crazy amount of money in order to turn more and more people (like everyone) onto TM. It is davidlynchfoundation.org, if anyone is interested. And he's got a book coming out soon called "catching the Big Fish". Might be an interesting read.