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TIME Spotlight

APRIL 24, 2007
I called The Arkansas Excelsior Hotel and asked if they could fax their logo to me. HA! fax.
Speaking of Ken Smith at TIME.... Ken art directed the Spotlight page that ran for a couple of years (early 90's to around 98??). I had sent some samples in - a series of re-created FBI Wanted posters. Ken liked them, but wanted to see how I would handle celebs and others in the news (more recognizable figures). Jack Kevorkian was on the radar at the time so I worked up his portrait, color copied it and Fedexed it Ken. My timing was right, and he liked it - but Paula Jones was also in the news... So he asked me to create P.J. Then we went back and forth between the two - I placed Kevorkian in a jail cell to make it more focused... My wife drove them in (email? whats that?) on a Saturday AM, and they published the P.J. piece. It was always great to do those 'person of the week' Spotlights... Bring 'em back, TIME!