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American Visionary Art Museum

JULY 30, 2007
Daniel Higgs, Untitled
Speaking of Maryland... We just returned from a quick trip to Baltimore's Inner Harbor area.... Plenty of fabulous crabcakes, of course - and a great visit toThe American Visionary Art Museum. Collections of art by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training - this place is a treasure! Works by Martin Ramirez, Mary Proctor, William Kurelek, James Harold Jennings, among many others. An incredibly interesting place to visit. Almost without exception, the bios of these artists are tragic, amazing, fascinating.... their art provides a peek into the inner voices of their souls... Here are a few from one of the brochures... Photos by Dan Meyers.
'Bulldog' by Isaac Smith
'City of Twin Peaks' by Bruce Bickford
'Susie & Sam', Jake McCord
The Gift shop could easily swallow up two hours of your day - complete with original paintings and handcrafts for sale...
Some important cultural items bought in the gift shop that will hopefully find their way into my own visionary works soon!